Big Bird's Red Book

Big birds red book 1977 little golden book

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Sesame Street

Big Bird's Red Book is a Little Golden Book. It was released in 1977 and it based off the Sesame Street television series.

Story Edit

Big Bird wants to show the viewers something that is red, and he knows he has something red in his grocery bag, though he has trouble finding it. While he is searching for something red, several red things show up in the background. After giving up he sits on the other bag that he did not look for and the reader soon finds out Big Bird wanted to show them tomatos.

Among the red objects that pass by Big Bird are Mr. Macintosh and his apple cart, parade floats featuring Little Red Riding Hood, a spoof on The Tournament of Roses Parade, Uncle Sam and Santa Claus.

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the fourteenth Sesame Street book illustrated by Mike Smollin.
    • This is also the third Smollin-illustrated Sesame Street book starring Big Bird.
    • This is also the second Sesame Street Little Golden Book illustrated by Mike Smollin.
  • This is the fifth Sesame Street book starring Big Bird.
  • Mr. Macintosh and Roosevelt Franklin make a guest appearance in this book.
  • The Rose Queen's Princesses look a lot like Betty Lou.