Count to Ten

Count to ten

Adapted by Emily Thompson
First year published
Sesame Street

Count to Ten is a Sesame Street counting book written by Emily Thompson. The book was first published as a First Little Golden Book in 1986, illustrated by John Nez. The book was reissued in 2009 by Dalmatian Press with new art by Tom Leigh, updating the cast to include new characters like Elmo, Abby Cadabby and Baby Bear.

Story Edit

"1 tire makes a swing." - Grover swings on a tire swing.

"2 pieces of bread make a sandwich." - Cookie Monster eats a sandwich.

"3 snowballs make a snowman." - Big Bird, Ernie, and Prairie Dawn build a snowman.

"4 letters make Bert's/Elmo's name." - Bert, or Elmo in the 2009 reissue, makes his name with blocks.

"5 musicians make a rock/jazzy band." - Some members of the band resemble Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats.

"6 friends make a pyramid." - In the 1986 edition, the pyramid people were Anything Muppets. In the 2009 reissue, they were Abby, Elmo, Zoe, Telly, Grover, and Baby Bear.

"7 stars make the Big Dipper." - The Count counts seven stars in the Big Dipper constellation.

"8 patches make a quilt." - Grover's Mommy (Elmo's Mommy in the 2009 reissue) sews her son a quilt.

"9 baseball players make a team."

"10 monsters make a mess!" - In the 1986 edition, the monsters are only monsters. In the 2009 reissue, they are: Oscar, Cookie, Baby Bear, Abby, Grover, Prairie Dawn, Zoe, Elmo, Rosita, and Telly.

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