Elmo's 12 Days of Christmas

Elmos 12 days of christmas

Adapted by Sarah Albee
First year published
Sesame Street

Elmo's 12 Days of Christmas is a Little Golden Book. It was released in 1996 and it based off the Sesame Street television series.

Story Edit

Each gift "my true love gave to me" resemble Elmo and his monster friends of Sesame Street, and they are:

  • "One red monster up in a tree" - A reference to a partridge in a pear tree, with Elmo in a Christmas tree.
  • "Two yummy cookies" - Doesn't sound anything like two turtle doves. Cookie Monster appears in this page.
  • "Three French friends" - A reference to three French hens, with Elmo and two unnamed monsters in French clothing. One of them is holding the flag of France.
  • "Four calling monsters" - A reference to four calling birds, with Elmo and three unnamed monsters calling on the telephone.
  • "Five golden things" - A reference to five golden rings. Each monster has a golden thing, which are a ring, a monster sculpture, a trophy, a hat, and a backpack. The ring Elmo is wearing also refer to the gift on the fifth day.
  • "Six monsters playing" - A reference to six geese a-laying, which rhymes. Elmo and five unnamed monsters are in the snow. One of them, holding the sled, is a look-alike to Herry Monster.
  • "Seven monsters swimming" - A reference to seven swans a-swimming, with Elmo, Grover, and five unnamed monsters in a swimming pool.
  • "Eight monsters milking" - A reference to eight maids a-milking, with Elmo and seven unnamed monsters milking cows.
  • "Nine monsters dancing" - A reference to nine ladies dancing, with Emo, Zoe, and seven unnamed monsters dancing at a disco.
  • "Ten monsters leaping" - A reference to ten lords a-leaping, with Elmo and nine unnamed monsters wearing lord clothing, leaping like the lords.
  • "Eleven monsters piping" - A reference to eleven pipers piping, with Elmo and ten unnamed monsters playing bagpipes.
  • "Twelve monsters drumming" - A reference to twelve drummers drumming, with Elmo and 11 unnamed monsters playing the drums.

The book ends with Elmo, crowded by monsters, reminding the reader that next time they should just sing Deck The Halls.

Trivia Edit

  • The last page is cut off from the 1999 Jellybean Books release.

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