Richard Scarry's Old Mcdonald's Farm! is a Golden Book.

Richard Scarry's Old Mcdonald's Farm!
Pa Pig Ma Pig The Old Man The Old Woman Bashful Happy Doc Dopey Sneezy Sleepy Grumpy The Piglets Pickles Ali Cat Squeaky King Coal Wild Bill Hiccup Captain Fishhead Mrs. Fishhead Bilgy Fishhead Benny the Postmaster Postman Pig Fireman Ralph Smokey Sparky Snozzle Squirty Pappa Bear Mamma Bear Huckle Bear Father Cat Mother Cat Kitty Cat Tom Cat Grandma Cat Babykins Huckle Cat Sally Cat Lowly Worm Hooligan Hedgehog Hepzibah Hedgehog Big Hilda Hippo Maud and Molly Rhino Hannibal Elephant Cow Farm Workers Farmer Alfalfa Mr. Fixit Fox Mr. Frumble Pig Bumbles Leopard Blinky Owl Bully Bobcat Fingers Octopus Squigly Snake Sneakers Raccoon Whiff Skunk Smiley Crocodile Turkle Turtle Crabbie Crab Heather Scottie Haggis Scottie Macintosh Scottie Baron Von Crow Daddy Bunny Mommy Bunny Wiggles Bunny Flossie Bunny Mose Moose Pelican Badger HeeHaw Donkey Dingo Dog Chips Beaver Bananas Gorilla Sergeant Murphy Deputy Fox Policeman Bear Mr. Gronkle Rudolph Von Flugel Big Bad Wolf Seven Little Kids Mother Goat Gogo Goat Donko Donkey Davy Dog Kitty Cat Rocky Rooster Snaggle-Tooth Louie Grumbuff Robbers
First year published
Old Mcdonald's Farm The Wolf and the Kids The Musicians of Bremen
Best Little Word Book Ever, Richard Scarry's The Gingerbread Man and 3 Other Stories, Richard Scarry's The Golden Goose and 3 Other Stories

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