Oscar's Book

Oscars book

Adapted by Jeff Moss
First year published
Sesame Street

Oscar's Book is a Little Golden Book. It was released in 1975 and it based on the Sesame Street television series.

Story Edit

Oscar starts out by informing the reader, "This is my book, and I don't want you to read it."

Bothered by the reader's attention, he decides to move out of his trash can, and let somebody else move in. He puts on a blonde curly wig, and pretends to be "Melody", a new little girl who lives on Sesame Street. But when Big Bird sees "Melody", he invites everyone to meet their new neighbor, and Oscar gives up the charade.

Frustrated, Oscar hides in a pyramid of trash cans, but he can still be seen. He then transforms his can into a "superduper grouch rocket balloon", which floats him high up into the sky. A bird pops the balloon, and he falls back to the ground.

At the end of the book, Oscar realizes that the reader is going to go away, and he won't have anybody to yell at and complain to anymore. He tells the reader to come back: "You really make me mad!"

Trivia Edit

This is the first Sesame Street book starring Oscar The Grouch.