Poky and Friends is a series of animated videos and books produced by Varga TVC Productions and Golden Books Family Entertainment that ran from 1998 until 2003. It is a spinoff of classic Little Golden Books characters (The Poky Little Puppy, The Shy Little Kitten, etc.), just like the animated special Little Golden Book Land, although the series featured different character designs for the characters to fit the animated series.

Characters Edit

Videos Edit

  • Poky and Friends - Poky Little Puppy (1998)
  • Poky and Friends - Saggy Baggy Elephant (1998)
  • Poky and Friends - Scruffy the Tugboat (1998)

Books Edit

  • Poky and Friends - Tails of Friendship
  • Poky and Friends - Lucky Ducks
  • Poky and Friends - Out and About (Coloring Book)
  • Poky and Friends - The Haunted Tracks
  • Poky and Friends - The Truth About Kittens and Puppies
  • Poky and Friends - Big River Rescue
  • Poky and Friends - Friends and Fun
  • Poky and Friends - Come Play with Us

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