The Color Kittens

The Color Kittens

First year published

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The book is about two color kittens named Brush and Hush who make all the colors in the world.


Featured Characters:Edit

  • Brush
  • Hush

Supporting Characters:Edit






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Once there were two color kittens with green eyes, called Brush and Hush. They liked to mix and make colors by splashing one color into another. They had buckets and buckets... and buckets and buckets of color to splash around with. Out of these colors they would make all the colors in the world. The buckets had the colors written on them, but of course the kittens couldn't read. They had to tell by the colors. "It is very easy," said Brush. "Red is red. Blue is blue." said Hush. But they had no green. "No green paint!" said Brush and Hush. And they wanted green paint, of course, because nearly every place they liked to go was green. Green as cats' eyes. Green as grass. By streams of water. Green as glass. So they tried to make some green paint. Brush mixed red paint and white paint together -- and what did that make? It didn't make green. It made pink. Pink as pigs. Pink as toes. Pink as a rose. Or a baby's nose. Then Hush mixed yellow and red together and it made orange. Orange as an orange tree. Orange as a bumblebee. Orange as the setting sun. Sinking slowly in the sea. The kittens were delighted but it didn't make green. Then they mixed red and blue together -- and what did that make? It didn't make green. It made a deep dark purple. Purple as violets. Purple as prunes. Purple as shadows. On late afternoons. Still no green! And then... O wonderful kittens! O Brush! O Hush! At last, almost by accident, the kittens poured a bucket of blue and a bucket of yellow together, and it came to pass that they made a green as green as grass. Green as green on a tree... Green as islands in the sea. NEXT PART TOMORROW
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