Winnie-the-Pooh and the Missing Bullhorn


Michael Teitelbaum
Russel Schroeder
Don Williams
First year published

Winnie the Pooh and the Missing Bullhorn is a Little Golden Book starring Winnie the Pooh.


After finishing his "pre-breakfast smackerel of honey", Pooh goes to visit Christopher Robin, who is playing with a bullhorn. Christopher Robin's mother then calls him in to come clean up his room, so he gives the bullhorn to Pooh. Pooh, puzzled about why the bullhorn isn't attached to a bull's head, shows it to Piglet and Tigger. Piglet mentions that there's a mean and dangerous bull over in the Rolling Pasture that lost one of his horns in a fight. Pooh decides to go return the bullhorn to the bull, but Piglet and Tigger follow him in case he needs help.

Pooh arrives at the Rolling Pasture and heads inside the bull's fenced-off pen. As the bull begins to charge at Pooh, Piglet grabs a red tablecloth from a nearby picnic table and manages to divert the bull's attention, only to have the bull come charging at him. Fortunately, Tigger manages to grab Piglet and jumps up into a nearby tree. Pooh then trips over a rock and accidentally drops the bullhorn in front of his face, letting out a loud "Oh, bother!" that actually startles the bull and makes him stop charging. Pooh then manages to tie the horn onto the confused bull's head and then brings Piglet and Tigger to his house to have his long-overdue breakfast.


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